Dear fucking Christ o.O

middle school ↘


It all began the first day
of middle school.

I don’t know how it started
or why it started.

It just did.

For some reason
I got singled out.

I was blindly chosen
as if by some idiotic,
dumb-ass lottery
for jerks
to be the outcast,

to be the kid
everyone hated.

The whole class


I don’t like to feel so crazy about someone. I don’t like to feel like my happiness is so tied up in another person.

- Gabrielle Zevin, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (via simply-quotes)

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.


Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women (via psych-facts)


(via theyallgotkilled)


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I think I may actually be pretty depressed. I spent the weekend with a friend and once we said goodbye and I got on the train, this overwhelming feeling of dread came over me and has persisted all day. I feel pointless and guilty and I don’t know why.
There’s that. :/


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Edgar Allan Poe

We had a threesome
You, me and my depression
Depression fucks hard

- Benedict Smith, A Haiku For Every Girl I’ve Ever Slept With. (via theburnthatkeepseverything)

1. I can’t get up at the crack of dawn to carpe fucking diem because I’m out five nights a week chasing laughter and the moonlight.

2. I don’t want to wake up feeling comfortable. Fuck comfort. I want to wake up and know I’ve woken up, I want to feel my life as it happens and if that means a throbbing headache, so be it; I’d rather dance in the dark than under a rainbow.

3. Eat whatever you want, idiots.

4. My breakfast happens at 1pm and I’d like to read whilst I eat it, thankyou very much.

5. I don’t need to stretch, nor do I need to reach for the sky; I am not a member of S Club 7 and my head is already in the clouds.

6. Drink all the water your body needs, put a chopped up lemon in your bottle but never neglect iced tea and vodka - whatever your poison, indulge yourself in it sometimes. Striving for perfection in any aspect of your life is just going to disappoint you; have a shot every now and then.

7. If you’re living life, you might not have time to write down your activities until four in the morning. Your life record may be scribbled onto receipts as you ride the train. That’s okay too; it doesn’t have to be beautiful to be valid.

8. Sleep on a pile of towels if you have to. Sleep in the grass. Sleep at a new friends’ place every night. As long as you’re sleeping next to something you love - whether it be a partner or the latest Palahniuk - scented fabric softener won’t mean shit.

9. Chaos can be better sometimes.

10. Run into the ocean instead.

11. You don’t owe strangers your smile. You don’t owe nature your observation. Maybe you don’t have a dog to walk.

12. Don’t make plans you can’t follow through with, it’s unfair.


14. Fuck it. Pick up a book because you liked the cover. Pick up a book because the person before you left it behind. Scribble all over it if you want. Tear pages out and cut out words if you want. Pick up no books for a month, then ten in a day. Books will always be there.

15. Be yourself without imposing cliche’d values and movie-romance ideas onto your personality. Do what comes naturally. If you don’t want to pay your speeding fines, don’t fucking pay them, it’s your life. If you don’t like old people, don’t go and volunteer at their homes, you’ll only make everyone there miserable. Find your true bliss rather than assuming you’ll know what it is by sticking your tongue out at babies. You’ll get there, there’s no rush.

16. Don’t fucking daydream about it. Do it. Write your own ending.

- Fuck Your ‘Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness’, love Daisy Lola - spearmintblonde (via perfect)



I'm awkward, and I'm okay with that.
I like when it rains.
I'm in love with tragedy.
My heart is broken on a daily basis.
I don't trust the things you say.
I blog and reblog pitbulls.